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#Nosoloflamenco project is an initiative from the artist Lea Soto and David Gonzalez, to bring to the London crowd the diversity of influences of Spanish classic tunes, coming from every corner of Spain.
A Show of the best and legendary Spanish classic tunes versioned as you've never heard them before. Blues, Rumba, Rock-pop and Flamenco fusion.


Spain is #notjustflamenco and #nosoloflamenco project wants to unify Spanish artist from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Galicia, Sevilla and Malaga. The show is represented by Lea Soto, London based singer-songwriter from Madrid with Costa Rican and Peruvian descent. The music director of the project is the eclectic artist David Gonzalez, guitarist, arranger and music producer with a long music background both in London and Spain.

Great musicians are also part of the #nosoloflamenco project such us Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde or Sara Benhs among other guests. 

The show brings to the audience an authentic trip to Spain with songs haven't heard before in London. A musical journey through the last 50 years of music in Spain with big names such us Mecano, Extremoduro, Nacha Pop or Miguel Rios among others.





Her first album, Volver, was released in March 2017. A concept album based on the woman's rights, climate change, the world of dreams and love. An album of 9 songs with a fusion of latin-pop-rock with delicate but powerful messages.


In London, she has performed at different venues such as Jazz Café, The Barbican, The Bedford, Bolivar Hall and KOKO among others.


Now she is collaborating in different music projects such as #Nosoloflamenco Festival and as singer and composer with the Latin/Jazz Band Riamba in London.



After meeting Guillermo Garcia "El Guille", they put together all the pieces of the puzzle that until then had no name, to form "Gonsaalez Project" in 2005. After a year of rehearsals the project was presented in small venues first to finishing playing at the legendary Sala Galileo Galilei at Madrid.   


David has played in Spain and UK with International Artitst such as Geronimo Maya, David Garcia " El Indio ," John Adeleye , Gloria Garcia , Gak Jone , David Jordan , DeeLee Dube, Roberta de France, Carlos Paul and Frankie Negron. Currently David is working his own project, "La senda del Loco" which album is about to be released. 

Lea Soto,  is a Spanish singer-songwriter based in London with Costa Rican and Peruvian descent.  She was raised in a family of artists of classical music and Spanish Folklore with influences of American rock and pop of the 90´.  


She began to compose at an early age and her first single Hoy, it was a finalist at La Removida, a musical talents competition, organized by National Radio of Spain under the label of Sony Music in 2014.


David Gonzalez is a  chameleonic musician.

From early childhood David (Madrid, 1975) had a wide range of musical influences from his family home. From Copla and Flamenco, to Symphonic Rock and Techno, passing through all the melodic music of the 80's / 90's. He looked for something different and so was surrounded by Hip Hop and Rap tapes at first, and then jazz and mainly blues, untill he started playing classical and flamenco music.    


Composing since adolescence, at age of 16 he was singing and writing the lyrics of the Blues/Rock band “Nocturband”, with whom he played in mythical clubs like Sala Midnight,

La Sala, Salsa Parking and A Diario among others.  His role as bassist introduced him to the flamenco fusion music accompanying to guitarist Ramon Vallejo. This process breaks all his internal musical schemes and when he returns playing guitar back, everything he played had a flamenco flavour. 




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